How to Put Wallpaper on iPhone?

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Learn how to set attractive wallpaper on your iPhone!

When you buy an iPhone you do your best to maintain its look and appearance. One thing that can enhance the quality of your iPhone is wallpaper.

In the world of digitization, the wallpaper of your phone is not just a picture anymore but it tells a lot about you. People judge your personality based on what wallpaper is on the screen of your iPhone. This gives you the power to manipulate people (just saying).

Before we discuss what wallpaper does, do you know how to put wallpaper on the iPhone?

Many iPhone users find it a challenging task to change the wallpaper on their iPhone. To make things easy for you, in this blog, we will share a step-by-step guide for new iPhone buyers who want to learn how to put wallpaper on their iPhone.

Go to Settings

In the 'Settings' section, click on 'Wallpaper' and then tap on 'Choose a new wallpaper.'

Depending on your ambient light, you can also switch on your phone's dark appearance to dim the color of your wallpaper.

Select the Image of Your Choice

With each iOS update, the default wallpapers on your phone changes by default. You can choose any image that you like from the default images or any picture of yours.

To choose a live photo or a live wallpaper, you will require iPhone 6s or above editions.

Move the Image to Display

Select the image that you would like to set as your wallpaper. To fit the screen's image, you can drag the image, zoom in, or zoom out. The size of some photos is fixed, so you cannot move them. They are all ready to fit as the wallpaper on your mobile screen.

After setting the image, if you find the wallpaper appealing, click on the 'Set' button. If you do not feel satisfied with the image you have set on your phone screen, then click on 'Cancel' to begin again.

So would you like to see Your Wallpaper?

Once you have selected the image that you would like to see on your phone screen and have adjusted it the way you find more appealing, now it's time to choose where you would like to see that wallpaper.

To set the wallpaper on your iPhone screen, you will have different options on your screen.

  • Set Lock Screen
  • Set Home Screen
  • Set Both

Now check how your wallpaper looks wherever you have set it; if you have posted live wallpaper in action, check its appearance, touch and hold the lock screen.


Doesn’t it feel like having everything on your fingertips!

This is the guide which includes four steps. To change the wallpaper on your iPhone screen do follow these steps in chronological order and you’ll be able to change the wallpaper of your iPhone in few minutes.